sidpo productions

SIDPo Productions was created to house and showcase my creative works and to profile the work of other talented artists. You should visit our site regularly if you are a Producer looking for fresh material to purchase, a lover of film, and/or an individual interested in learning more about the industry. The mission of SIDPo Productions is "To write stories that will ENTERTAIN and EDUCATE the masses."   

Having been in the trenches in this business for over ten years, I know first hand what it takes to be successful. As I continue climbing I realize that you must possess an unnatural and abnormal amount of Persistence”.  You’ll get knocked down and beat up badly as a writer, producer, director and filmmaker.  You’ll want to quit, you’ll want to cry, and you will without a doubt have conversations with close friends, relatives, and yourself about giving up.  Sadly some of you will.  You’ll throw in the towel not knowing how close you may have been to “making it”.  The people that remain standing will be those that refused to stop.  The relentless, the irrefutable, the freaks of nature considered to be raging lunatics because they woke up one day and had the audacity to have a dream.  The “Persistent”.

An icon in the film industry once told me to stop chasing ghosts.  In essence he was saying that I shouldn’t expect anyone to make “IT” happen for me, that ultimately I would have to make it happen for myself.   The truth of the matter is that there is no formula for success in this industry. Sure you can be prepared and of course you can be talented but nobody can tell you how to do it.  As a dreamer you must be bold, you must be you, and you must never stop dreaming. 

My creative work is for SALE, however, we only accept serious inquiries!