our logo

The logo for SidPo Productions is my families Coat of Arms.  I designed it with the help of Issa Minkah, my amazing graphic artist.


Our family name is our legacy, one we will honour, uphold, and defend for all the days of our lives.  With God we are triumphant, protected by his omnipotent love, grace, and mercy.  We will represent these truths forever.

The lions represent unyielding COURAGE as well as the importance of BALANCE.  

The crown represents the ROYALTY that courses through our veins.  

The sword represents JUSTICE and HONOUR.  It is protected by the lions to ensure that my family and its legacy are always protected and never compromised.

The wreath on both sides represent a circle of TRIUMPH and SUCCESS that will continue for generation after generation.  

The stars represent NOBILITY and EXCELLENCE.