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In the opening scene of 'A Separation' you are transported into a small room where a married Iranian couple argue incessantly about the irreconcilable differences that have landed them in front of a judge seeking a divorce.  You are able to identify with the characters so quickly that you forget where they are, in fact, it becomes totally irrelevant that they are likely to read the Qu'ran and pray to a God whom they call Allah.  

The argument is unyielding and the raw emotion from both sides gives you a fly on the wall perspective into one of the oldest past times in the history of mankind, “arguing”.  In the brief moments where there is no rebuttal from either side, you are reminded that no matter where in the world you are, someone, somewhere is an a relationship where communication has failed leading to an inevitable and lamentable end. 

There are many layers to this film and the climax builds as the plot twists and turns yanking your attention here and there until you finally land in the middle of a mess that has been created by misunderstanding, assumption, and more.  The constant desire of almost every character in this film is to be understood.  From the youngest character on screen to the grandfather suffering from Alzheimer's, each individual struggles in their own way to deal with the hand that life has dealt them.  You witness first hand the destructive affect that divorce and overall confusion between adults has on children who often get lost in the midst of it all. In the end you want everyone to be 'OK', but of course it seldom happens that way in life. You are left to decide, to come up with your own ending in a sense.  

A remarkable end to a well woven tale of a man and woman trying to hold onto the remnants of a marriage that has been destroyed by the circumstances of 'life'.  In this film you realize that there may be no one person in particular to blame.  Life does what it does and sometimes things just are what they are.  

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