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"A Separation" won the Oscar for best foreign language film. 


Inspiring to the max!  War Horse is a movie based on a concept we’ve all heard or seen before yet Spielberg manages to give us more of the same but differently! After seeing this film I must admit the man’s prowess is real when it comes to directing and producing.  He’s a genius. 

When the main character’s father faces the risk of tarnishing his families reputation and losing their farm, Albert, a teenager on the brink of becoming a man must jump into action to save them.  Albert’s mother is doubtful and his father deeply regretful of his decision to purchase an underweight horse that everyone is betting against.  But all it takes is one believer, and Albert is this believer indeed.  Like the post man, Albert trains the horse given the moniker “Joey” day and night through rain and more.  The scenes of man and beast gaining a genuine understanding and trust for one another is vivid and beautiful.  It truly makes you believe that you too can run out, buy a horse, and train it.  As the movie unfolds, you are taken through a whirlwind of experiences that Joey and Albert have in the process of finding their way back to each other.  Albert and Joey are both fighting their own individual battles navigating through the challenges the war has brought about.  Albert keeps his promise, always searching the horizon for his buddy while Joey proves to be a pillar of strength in his own right saving the life of his horse buddy Charcoal and pressing on in spite of the constant unknowns ahead of him. But Joey never stops. 

Flash back to the scene where Albert and his mother have a brief discussion about what it truly means to be brave.  The film turns, and turns, and doesn’t stop until the underhorse prevails.  You never doubted that he would did you? J  Albert is a gracious gentleman from the beginning of the film to the end and Joey transforms from a horse into a hero right before your eyes.  A sweet film about persistance, courage, and believing in something.


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Congratulations to director Asghar Farhadi on the Oscar!