meet sid

Born in BrooklynNY, Sid Powell migrated to AtlantaGa. in 1984 going on to become a graduate of Benjamin E. Mays High School in 1993. Sid was awarded a track scholarship to Georgia Tech graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Management/Marketing in 1997. Realizing that her goals anddreams reached much farther than corporate America, Sid began to test the entrepreneurial waters with several creative business ventures.  In 1999 she sparked her career as a writer co-authoring and publishing her first novel "The Key Party" which was soon followed by "She's Just a Friend" and "The Makeup of a Woman".   

Several years later she would go on to write and produce her first stage play, "Pass It Down" which premiered at The Strand Theatre in Marietta,Ga. in 2009, returning to the stage January 2010.  As a seasoned writer and owner of SIDPo Productions, this dynamic woman maintains a well rounded arsenal of scripts for feature films, short films, and made for TV movies.  Recently honored as the runner-up in the ABFF-GMC Screenplay competition in 2011 for “Somebody’s Child”, she is on the rise in this industry.  Her tenacity, dedication, and faith in creating stories that entertain and educate the masses assert her strong belief that she will be recognized as the First African American woman to win an Oscar for Best Writer.

My creative work is for SALE, however, we only accept serious inquiries!